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July 8, 2017 Interior

Add Your House’s Beauty with Japanese Sliding Doors

Beautiful Japanese Sliding Doors

Beautiful Japanese Sliding Doors

Japanese culture always amazes people all over the world. From high-tech gadgets unique architectural design, more and more people go gaga over Japanese products. The field of interior design, Japanese culture is very visible, because the use of the Japanese sliding doors.

Also known as “fusuma” or “Shoji”, whose native language is Japanese sliding door, has become quite popular in most households, because they are unique and real space savers. They are used to separate a person from others and corridors as well as traditional Japanese homes, the current fusuma / Shoji doors used in the modern surroundings of the house.

In addition to being unique in terms of design, the Japanese doors appeal to many people because they are made with exquisite paintings of nature and authentic Kabuki fans, sakura, or cherry blossoms, samurai art, and other geometric patterns. But today, the doors to serve different age, gender, race or religion, many of the industrial design printed on plain rice paper. They can also make your order through if you want to give it as a gift or a gift to a specific person.

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If you are looking for the doors for your home, consider the following:

1. Design. For the uniqueness and authenticity of Japanese culture through the sliding doors, be sure to choose something timeless design. The best option for this is the doors that depict landscapes of ancient Japan. By choosing an authentic designer doors in the room can be easily transformed into a typical Japanese home.

2. Multi-function capability. If you plan to buy Japanese sliding doors, choose those that are double tracks of the slides and can be used not only as a separator space, but also in other rooms in the house such as kitchen, living room and terrace.

3. To ensure that there is a puncture resistant and has a surface that can be easily dried. To select the choice of the door, which cannot easily be punctured by the fact that it takes a long time? Also, choose those that you can easily save you some time to wipe clean.

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Japanese sliding doors may be the solution to many of your design challenges. They can be made into one-of-a-kind room dividers, freestanding screens, closet doors, windows and more. If you are a fan of the Asian aesthetic of simplicity, the use of natural materials and serene uncluttered spaces, fusuma or shoji may be just what you need.

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