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Ultra Bide` was formed in Kyoto-City, in 1978. played as core of " KANSAI NO WAVE " with Aunt Sally, INU, SS and others at the time. Ultra Bide` had a significant impact on the Alternative scene, punk, new wave, noise, and avant-garde in Japan. In 1980, The First Japanese Punk Record 'DOKKIRI RECORD' was released. In 1984, original ULTRA BIDE was released by Alchemy Records as Alchemy Records's first 12 inch LP. 1985, Ultra Bide` move to Brooklyn, New York. U.S.A. to activity base, and released " GOD is GOD PUKE is PUKE " from Alternative Tentacles, Jello Biafra label in 1995. Ultra Bide` have moved to palying field in world-wide, U.S.A. CANADA, Europe and Japan. Between, 1995-1998 two Albums and one EP relessed as LP/CD. In 2001, Hide was back to Japan, Ultra Bide' re-started as Twin Bass & Drums sound just, PUNK-ART-ELECTRO-MASSIVE-ATTACK-ROCK! In October 2013, Ultra Bide` will release new album 'DNA vs DNA-c' from Alternative Tentacles. and this time Ultra Bide` go to play entier Earth near your house, Club and Art Space to Journey to the Centre of the Earth with DNA vs DNA-c. Back into OLD SCHOOL to NEW SCHOOL to JUST PUNK ART ROCK to Blow Up your L & R Braines!

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Hide’s biography 1961-2013
Hide<hidae,bide,bidet> biography. 1961-2001 Japan and USA era
*1961 born in kyoto city. japan.
*1972 Enter the first junior high school, my mom gave me 2.250 yen($20 for USA ) to buy my first full range vinyl record to choose YES. "Close to the Edge" I totally love prog rock to listening.
*1975 Enter the my first term of high school. I got a Hammond organ A-1000 with rhythm box, Fender rose mark-2 piano, Korg S-700 synth. Ace Tone PS-1000 synth, Teac 2340 open-reel 4tr recorder with sound on sound. 2 EVANS tape super echo EE-6 with sound on sound.etc. I started to form my first prog rock band. I forgot my first prog rock band name. I made a lot of prog techno bands and experiment projects.
*1977 I formed BIDE & IDIOT. Vocalist singing like Lou Reed and my synthesizer like Suicide and real drum. This band got GIG at S-Ken Studio in tokyo. the GIG was 2nd punk rock gig in japan music history with tokyo 5 bands call them were tokyo rockers. But the gig was no punk kids just normal music audience like 3 cords punk music, we had no response. oh well.
*1978 I formed original Ultra Bide, Hide<bide> Improrvise Vocal, Guitar. Kouichiro. Synth, Violin, Transmitter. JoJo Hiroshige. Bass. Taiqui. Drums. I think this band was first totally Improvise electro noise punk band in japan maybe. It hard to find who is first and i don't care. Ultra Bide and 3 more bands made first Punk Gig in kansai area (kyoto city, osaka city,kobe city. metropolitan). Soon after Those 4 bands went to tokyo city to play gigs. That gigs was first Kansai Punk rock bands tour in japan punk history.
*1979 original Ultra Bide and another Kansai(kyoto,osaka,kobe.) 5 punk bands released first independent punk compilation full range vinyl record "Dokkiri Record" in japan punk history i think. original Ultra bide was A-side of first song with Musique concrete tape cutting improvise techno noise punk rock song. The first independent kansai punk record started real unusual punk song, That way kansai punk music is best in the unusual world. Around
the world city first punk release the record, music history never find like this, i think so, maybe or not, god only knows.
*1980-1983 I formed many my bands project and I promote the shows a lot, meanwhile, a lot of yankee music bands started appear to play my around, I am the nerd, they are born to be just only aggressive with put on the expensive punk clothes or put on the expensive new wave clothes. So I gave up to play my music in japan.
*1984 JoJo Hiroshige (original Ultra Bide, Hijo Kaidan), He established Alchemy Record. Co-founder Naoto Hayashi and me worked for editing of original Ultra Bide to released first Alchemy Record "THE ORIGINAL ULTRA BIDE. ARLP-001" This is the first alternative independent record label first release in japan punk history. Ask jojo.
*1985 I decided to move to New York city, USA. I just enjoy to live as music lover life style of first generation of Williamsburg, brooklyn, nyc. art society. Bedford Ave was Rental video shop, some bars, salvation army and A STRIP JOINT, only back then.
*1986 - 1993 I worked on 2nd ave, east village, manhattan, nyc. mexican art & rock restaurant "bandito" and British restaurant "telephone" as busboy. I met so many major punk rocker heroes and undergroud punk rocker heroes as i am the busboy! meanwhile, I formed Ultra Bide' Hide<hidae>. vocal, bass. Tada. drums, vocal. 1987 Ultra bide' started play around nyc local clubs to just fun to play and we did many times about CBGB's try out audition sunday night, but we all fell our shows try out night at CBGB's. Nobody like it, kind of first real drum & bass style bass effect noise punk rock. some people say to me, I never heard just drum & bass music first time and they never heard my music again. 1992 Satoru guitar player join Ultra Bide' Hide<hidae> bass, vocal. Satoru guitar, vocal. Tada Drums,vocal. Bass and Guitar use both side foot pedal harmonizer to play which one is bass or guitar sound? that was great idea we had.Maybe first time in world? I can't say that.
*1994 Alice Dounut manager Ron Burman find Ultra Bide to work as manager. Alice Donut and Ultra Bide became Co-Fighter cool comrades. Foetus helped Ultra Bide' to join the real underground music scene. JG Thirlwell is my music mentor even now too. thanx Jim!
*1995 Ultra Bide released full range vinyl record "God is God Puke is Puke" Alternative Tentacles! YES! "Not Close to the Edge" Ultra Bide started USA. CANADA. EURO. JAPAN TOUR!!!! we got it!
*1996-1997 Ultra Bide Tour a lot. play play play! none stop!
*1998 Ultra Bide second full range "Super Milk" Alternative Tentacles. still touring going on!
*1999 Satoru and Tada left Ultra Bide' oops.
*2000 I worked sound man for "King Norris". Fred Norris is radio personality known for being the longest-tenured staff member of The Howard Stern Show. King Norris was his every weekend friday or saturday, he finished his weekday the howard stern show before he went to his weekend house, he just have a fun to play next door of sport bar to stadium rock concert. I coordinated his expensive guitars and expensive guitar amps to he and me discuss to use the gear and P.A.operator.this job was help me to know P.A. gear for my recording skill, It was cool my music ability up!
*2001 I decided to go back to kyoto city japan. The reason to back was, I don't see George W Bush on TV everyday. I back to kyoto was March 2001 and after 6 month later, 9.11 was happen.
*2002 to present day of my work, can see my 10 years of The baseball method of formation team in japan