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August 11, 2017 Bedroom

Black and White Bedroom Ideas and Furniture

Formal Monochrome Bedroom

Formal Monochrome Bedroom

A start contrast of white and black furniture with beautiful colors thrown around can also be tried out to achieve a unique look of black and white bedroom.

Black and White Bedroom Furniture

White bedroom furniture items have always been associated with peace and tranquility which are essential when you retire for a good night’s sleep. Complementing it will elegant black bedroom furniture items such as bed stands and chest of drawers will improve the visual appeal.

The color of the ceilings and the four walls would also have to match with the color of the furniture in the black and white bedroom. There are those who go for all white bedroom furniture to create a serene space for themselves. On the other hand, black bedroom furniture or even darker shades like espresso, mocha, cherry or chocolate would lend some warmth to the room. Generally poplar solids and veneers are used for white furniture. The sets can be painted in gleaming white to give the room an austere look. Curved crests, white headboards, shield handles and hidden drawers along with beautiful runners can add to the exquisite beauty of such rooms.

When you are looking for white bedroom furniture, you can also throw in other additions such as white 1 or 2 drawer nightstands, white framed wall mirrors, sea shell decorations, white padded stools and white wardrobes. With the right kind of furnishing the white furniture can look opulent especially when matched with beautiful duvets, quilts, bed sheets and curtains. White is a preferred color for furniture in beach houses as the azure blue and white sands combine beautifully to the sea-shell white furniture inside the room. Colder climates with plenty of snow would need black bedroom furniture to bring some warmth to the room. The black furniture sets are available in traditional Victorian styling, classic French styling or in Italian luxury styling as well.

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Cottage black finish is used many times to get aesthetic black bedroom furniture that can contrast with beautiful walls and paintings. A lovely black, 6 drawer chests can look even more elegant in decorative door knobs and handles in antique pewter or brass. Solid hardwood frames should be preferred as you can expect longevity in spite of tough usage. Deep drawers can provide plenty of storage space as well. Sometimes the coordination can also be achieved with brass knobs or black hardware handles. Two- door cabinets can come with adjustable shelves. Unlike in case of white bedroom furniture, you can go for other materials like particle board when you are going for black.

Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Matching grey bedside tables give this room a formal feel, letting the headboard take center stage. Clutter is hidden away in stylish storage boxes at the end of the bed.

Breathe life into a monochrome scheme with pale blue walls. Soft lighting, a patterned carpet and detailed curtains give the room a cozy feel.

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Four-poster beds add a classic feel to a twin room, while the traditional feel, created by the wallpaper, is kept clean by the plain black and white furniture and bed linen.

Play with scale by magnifying delicate details to create a stunning centerpiece. Without a bed frame, the focus can remain on the feature wall. White accessories, flooring and sheer blinds make the room feel light and airy.

Monochrome is perfect for small guest rooms. Black accessories and cream bed linen add an elegant feel, while a large-scale mirror makes the space appear bigger.

The way people design their bedrooms varies quite a bit depending upon their personal preferences or choices. When you pick your black and white bedroom furniture, a lot of things have to be considered carefully before you splash the money on the furniture. There are plenty of factors that would determine the look and feel which is appropriate for a room.

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