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July 2, 2017 Living Room

Maximize Your Living Room Style with Modern Minimalist Sofa

Glamour Green Sofa

Glamour Green Sofa

How to select modern minimalist sofa is quite important in designing a room, as if the model selection and color matching then it will give comfort to your living room.Tips for Choosing Modern Minimalist SofaIn choosing a modern minimalist sofa, there are several criteria to consider include:

The Model – The model is the main thing you have to see first, the model needs to be considered in choosing the theme of the room is a minimalist sofa models to be selected. For example, a modern minimalist theme of the room will look perfect with a sofa minimalist modern minimalist impression too. If you have a large house then it should be considered also for use a model of large minimalist sofa, while for narrow or limited room, you should select a simple minimalist sofa and a small amount such as sofa sets minimalist with 2-1-1 seated.

Minimalist sofa models also need to be adapted to its function, such as meeting room, use a minimalist sofa with a formal model. Meanwhile, to relax watching TV, it can be used 2 seated Sofa minimalist / 3 seated sofa can also using minimalized the holder can be opened so that it can be used to relax. Using a minimalist sofa letter L models also can be used for the lounge.

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The selection of sofas minimalist in terms of the model also applies to color, choose a color that matches the color or theme of your room, and set the contrast. Example: A room with beige wall color will look perfect if you use a brown minimalist sofa since it will show more contrast.

The Quality – Pick a minimalist sofa with a good quality in terms of comfort and durability. In determining the quality of a minimalist sofa, it can be seen from:

  • Quality foam used. (Good Foam can survive more than 5 years to 10 years is not even flat)
  • Neatness of stitches
  • Frame is used. The use of wood oven will extend the life of the sofa, as resistant to termites.
  • Upholstery / Cover. The key lies in the beauty of minimalist sofa upholstery used. Be careful in selecting upholstery materials. Material from many alternative fabrics that will look more beautiful. While the substance of the Oscar / synthetic leather more suitable for formal wear.
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The Price – It is the most important factor in choosing a minimalist sofa, choose a sofa that suits your budget. The better the quality of the sofa minimalist then the price would be more expensive. Do not be fooled by the minimalist sofa worth very cheap, because surely made of cheap materials as well.Be careful in choosing as your modern minimalist sofa because it will escort you next few years, together with your beloved family.

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