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Modern Nursery Ideas; Furniture and Designs

Apple Green Modern Nursery

Apple Green Modern Nursery

Just because a nursery is designed for a child doesn’t mean the space needs to look childish. Modern nursery designs create sleek, chic spaces that incorporate playful touches that evoke the childlike, not the childish. Modern nurseries grow along with children so that they transform into stylish children’s rooms. Modern nursery ideas offer the perfect balance between childhood play and grown-up aesthetics.

Furniture for Modern Nursery Ideas

Most nurseries have a crib, changing table, recliner/rocker and armoire or dresser. It can sometimes make sense to have a changing table with a dresser underneath, as this saves space and makes it easy to hide the many items that are needed when you have a baby, such as diapers and bath supplies. When selecting a crib, it’s important to consider the amount of space you have. Round cribs can be great for small spaces, but if space isn’t an issue, the most cost-effective option is a crib that converts into a toddler bed and then a full bed. These can be a bit more expensive, but they save money in the long run. If you choose a round crib, make sure the shapes in your room compliment the round shape, rather than contrast. You don’t want to have lots of different geometric shapes in a modern room, as the idea is modernity with a smooth edge, or harmonious look. The easiest way to make your furniture fit into the modern nursery ideas theme is to choose coordinating modern colors, such as gray, white, brown, cream or black. Modern furniture is usually not plush or adorned. It has a simplicity to it that was commonly found in the 1950s and 1960s.

Modern crib bedding can be somewhat of a challenge to find because most retailers do not supply it. However, there are some retailers that specialize in modern nursery furniture and decor. They may offer window treatments in a set with modern-style crib bedding. In the end, purchasing window treatments in a set with sheets and bumpers will save you money. When choosing style, remember that simple, bold colors and prints have a modern edge to them. Many parents choose lamps with geometric or round shapes and metallic, solid-color trash cans. Black and white paintings or photographs of cityscapes will complement the furnishings. Some people find that simple painted canvas in complementary colors will complete the room. When creating a modern nursery, simplicity is best. Simple, bold colors and shapes will give you the look you desire.

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Designs for Modern Nursery Ideas

Eco-Inspired Designs – Modern designs draw inspiration from the natural elements to create eco-inspired designs. To create an eco-inspired modern nursery, begin with pale green walls to create a calming, kid-friendly space. For a more neutral space, opt for cream-colored, textured wallpaper that resembles thin fibers of bamboo. Pair the space with light-colored wooden furniture with subtle wood grains; pieces planned to look like natural logs add a classy rustic feeling to the space. Natural wood floors maintain continuity throughout the space, but soften the floors with a pale green or blue area rug. Treat windows with bamboo slat-style curtains or pale green sheers with a simple pull-down shade. In addition to the traditional nursery accessories, consider a series of shelves lined with bonsai trees to add color and a mobile made from polished driftwood or faux branches.

Monochromatic Schemes – Modern color schemes often incorporate monochromatic palettes punctuated with unexpectedly bold color accents. Choose a light slate gray for the walls to create a cool, calming space. Opt for elegant and simple black-painted furniture for large pieces like the crib, dresser and bookshelves; for a bit of visual interest, select a white rocking or armchair. Update all hardware to a brushed stainless steel or nickel. Incorporate your bold choices into the room’s fabrics. For example, add an asymmetrical white area rug in a dramatic texture like faux fur or shag. Select orange or green-and-blue striped curtains and a matching sheet and blanket set. A brightly colored lampshade in hot pink or lime green is a modern additional to a contemporary nursery.

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Geometric Art Space – Modern design is concerned with efficiency and cohesion throughout a space, so consider a modern nursery based around bold geometric patterns and an art-themed space. Choose a neutral white wall color; select one wall to serve as an accent wall. Cover the wall in large geometric shapes painted in primary colors; for a more subdued accent wall, create a grid of squares with black molding and paint each panel a different shade of a single primary color. Choose saturated primary colors for the room fabrics; sapphire blue curtains are a sophisticated option, while a ruby-colored area rug creates a sense of warmth and love. Instead of traditional bookshelves, consider stackable square bins with colored front panels to serve as both storage and a visually intriguing design element.Modern nursery ideas have become very popular and are relatively easy to create. A modern room is easy to transition from a nursery to a child’s room as well, because modernity isn’t age specific.

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