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Interior of a Bedroom

Interior of a Bedroom

August 16, 2017 Bedroom

Wallpaper for the bedroom ideas

modern wall paper decoration ideas

modern wall paper decoration ideas

Wallpaper for the bedroom – If you are looking for bedroom wall ideas you should know that there are many things you might be thinking. The most important aspect to consider is the overall style of the room. However, if you want to impress people, you can go for something unexpected too.

Silver Collection

As one of the ideas that you can hang some plaques on the wall. Naturall, you should look for special dishes, such as those with a letter on them. Make sure all boards are the same color theme.

Go retro

To make sure you know that retro is the new hot on bedroom ideas for walls. For example, you may consider the wallpaper for the bedroom that feature a man and a woman hugging. These remind you of old movies that you may have seen.


When it comes to the bedrooms feature wall ideas, you can also think of the shelves as decorations. Add numerous shelves to the wall ready to follow a given pattern. Is supposed to be small and should add them all similar items, such as candles.

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You may not want something elaborate on the tips for bedrooms feature walls. In this case you should simply add two dashes on the wall. Make sure they bring some contrast to the room. For example, if you have dark green walls, the lines must be white.


In case you are interested in the bedrooms feature wall ideas, keep in mind that you can create wall art with old posters of colors. These will add a touch of color, mostly monochromatic room. However, make sure that the room will not be too colorful.

Old postcards

To make the best of this one bedroom tips for walls, use old postcards and stick to the wall. To enhance the effect you may want to add also a boat in miniature on the front of the postcards, further underlining the feeling.

It is important that the wallpaper for the bedroom ideas to be suitable for your personality and the personality of the room, not to mention the overall style of the house.

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